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Is Fairtrade Coffee Actually Fair-Trade? Exploring Its Impact, Limitations, and Ethical Alternatives

Coffee farmer picking coffee cherries

Navigating Fairtrade Coffee In the bustling world of the coffee trade, the pursuit of fairness and ethical sourcing has become paramount. Every worker, from the humble farmer to the dedicated barista, deserves fair compensation for their labour, regardless of geographical location or economic circumstances. Amidst the challenges faced by farmers globally, organisations like Fairtrade have […]

Exploring Specialty Coffee Beans – Arabica vs. Robusta

In the world of coffee, the little coffee bean is like royalty. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a barista, knowing about the different varieties of coffee beans is super important. So, let’s take a look into the world of coffee beans, shining a spotlight on the most popular ones: Arabica and Robusta. Understanding Coffee […]