About Us

The Crafted Coffee Company sources, roasts and supplies high quality, speciality coffee.  Coffee that can be enjoyed without high-tech brewing equipment and which directly benefits the farmers who grow it.


Underlying our business is a passion for coffee  – as a drink with endless flavour complexity and for its role as a cash crop for farmers and communities often living in harsh economic circumstances. The role of coffee in biodiversity conservation is of particular importance and interest at Crafted Coffee and is an area that we intend to explore and develop over time.



Our coffee is roasted on a micro scale, in other words using a small capacity roaster that requires the skill and knowledge of the person operating the roaster to bring out the best in the bean. Each new variety is test roasted and cupped when it first arrives as many times as needed to arrive at the optimum roast profile that captures the complexity of the bean; our volunteer coffee tasters based around the UK then sample the results in their own kitchens and report back – only after this process, when we have arrived at the best roasting profile and for blends, the optimum mix of beans, do we offer the coffee for sale.

All our coffee is roasted to order each week, packaged within 32 hours of roasting and dispatched within 48 hours of roasting. Our micro-roastery is in a converted barn on an organic farm just outside Chichester in West Sussex.

As a fledgling roaster, we are starting off by offering a limited number of carefully crafted single origin coffees along with just two blends. Over time we will offer a broader range of single-origins and new blends; these will very much depend upon customer feedback – so get emailing/commenting…


We buy coffee in small lots which are traceable to specific farms or co-operatives that can demonstrate a commitment to the environment and workers conditions. This ensures that we obtain high quality coffee that is sustainably grown, and that  the grower achieves a fair price for their crop.  There are a number of certification schemes and ‘badges’ that are applied to coffee and all of these have their merits to varying degrees. However, these schemes do not necessarily guarantee sustainability or fair trade. Therefore our aim over time will be to work as closely as possible with specialist buyers, and in time we intend to buy directly from the growers, where possible.