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Coffee Myth Busting

Whether it is storing coffee in the fridge, using only blends for espresso or leaving freshly roasted coffee to de-gas – coffee myths abound. Over the coming months we will be looking at the most prevalent of them and trying to establish if they are fact or fiction, where possible by testing them out.


Our first myth is that roasted coffee should be kept in the fridge to keep it fresh. I have lost count of the number of customers who have asked me if they should keep coffee in the fridge. The current ‘expert’ advice would appear to be that it is not the best way to store coffee, largely because moisture can find its way into the coffee, affecting the flavour and in the longer term possibly promoting bacterial growth. But is it true that in the short term it affects the flavour of the coffee? I will put it the test and report back in the next issue – in the meantime, if you have any myths you’d like us to put to the test or if you’d like to test them yourself, we’d love to hear from you.

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Coffee Cup

Community Coffee

The fundraising coffee morning is an established and valuable part of charity activities across the country. A great way for Crafted Coffee  to support local groups and non-profits to raise much-needed funds. Having previously worked in the charity sector, I wanted to find a way to offer support that was affordable for Crafted Coffee and would make a real difference to fund-raising efforts in small and medium-sized charities and community groups.


So, today we are launching Community Coffee. The scheme is open to any non-profit organisation within West Sussex that is planning a coffee morning or other event where a supply of coffee will help in the fundraising activity. We have a limited amount to give away each month and it will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis. All we ask is that the recipient organisation completes a brief form and submits it to us for approval. Eligibility criteria are:

1. Must be registered with the charity Commission with its registered office based in West Sussex.

2. The event where the coffee will be used must be a fundraisng activity.

3. Preference will be given to organisations with an annual income below £500,000.

If you would like to apply or to nominate a charity please complete the form here.